Unit 6 Belvedere Court, 10 Beaufighter Road,
Weston Super Mare, BS24 8EE

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri, 8.30 - 17.00

Office Phone
01275 874861


‘It’s so comforting knowing that if something ever goes wrong with anything, they will be there day and night’

‘We think that all of the staff are marvellous. Knowing that we can call on them and get such a good response is a great help in times of considerable stress’

‘All of the staff are very kind, respectful and very caring. You couldn’t ask for more, it was a pleasure to know them’

‘If I had known how kind and supportive the whole team were I would have asked for help sooner. Access Your Care made what could have been a nightmare into an almost enjoyable service’

‘All of the staff who came in to look after me were great. I was feeling so ill for weeks; they cheered me up and made me laugh. I would have them all back again today, even for a coffee’

‘We were extremely grateful for all the help and support we received at an extremely difficult time when it was becoming impossible for me to cope with the situation on my own’