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End of Life Care

We provide a specialist care and support service to people who have a terminal illness or a progressive, incurable long term condition and who have made the decision that they wish to die at home.

End of life care is for people who are considered to be in the last year of life, but this timeframe can be difficult to predict. Our end of life care team aims to help people live as well as possible and to die with dignity.

Our dedicated team work closely with Continuing Health Care professionals and multidisciplinary teams to arrange packages of care typically within 48 hours of enquiry.

We can organise same-day and fast starts for end of life clients, assigning an experienced Carer to each case. Carers can arrive at customer’s homes rapidly and with a thorough understanding of their needs.

We have a large team of Carers with palliative care experience and who work alongside hospices, Macmillan support groups and District Nurses to maintain patient comfort and dignity in the latter stages of life.

A bespoke care plan is agreed with all parties involved that fully takes into account the individual’s wishes, preferences and spiritual beliefs as well as their medical and social care needs.

We will ensure that comfort, companionship, symptom control including pain relief, personal care and nutrition is provided as part of our holistic care provision.

Specialist Training

We believe that the quality of training enables staff to be entirely focused on people at the end of their lives along with supporting their family and friends.

Our Carers are trained in complex care, including pain management, ventilator care, administration of medication, nebuliser care and bladder/bowel management.

In addition to training and supporting our staff to deliver high quality person centred care we ensure that they are competent to specifically deliver end of life care that meets the National End of Life Care Strategy seven principles.

These are:

  1. Choices and priorities of the individual are at the centre of planning and delivery
  2. Effective, straightforward, sensitive and open communication between individuals, families, friends and workers underpins all planning and activity. Communication reflects an understanding of the significance of each individual’s beliefs and needs
  3. Delivery through close multidisciplinary and interagency working
  4. Individuals, families and friends are well informed about the range of options and resources available to them to be involved with care planning
  5. Care is delivered in a sensitive, person centred way, taking account of circumstances, wishes and priorities of the individual, family and friends
  6. Care and support are available to anyone affected by the end of life and death of an individual
  7. Staff are supported to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes. Staff take responsibility for, and recognise the importance of, their continuing professional development.