Unit 3, 22a Griffin Road,
Clevedon, BS21 6HH

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Mon - Fri, 8.30 - 17.00

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With our unique shopping services you can make sure that your shelves are always stocked. From traditional to online shopping, you’re bound to find the service that suits your needs!

Our shopping service options are:

  1. Traditional: We collect your shopping list and carry out the shopping for you. We also deliver and pack your items away.
  2. Personal Shopper:  We can support you to go shopping by providing transport, taking you around the shops and packing your items away on returning home.
  3. Online: We provide a laptop, internet connection and a trained member of staff.  We will help you to learn to shop online or will do an online shop with you. Groceries can be delivered directly to you by the supermarket/s, or our member of staff can deliver the groceries and also pack the items away.

Whichever option you choose, the transport, delivery and packing away of items is all included in our price.

Flexible Payment methodsWe also offer a facility where we pay for goods/shopping items upfront and the client can reimburse us via cheque or bank transfer at the end of the month alongside our service invoice.  This option is great for those who do not or cannot easily access cash to purchase their shopping.  (proof or receipts provided)

And remember!  We are the only company to include the mileage of our shopping service within our price!*