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Support Brokers

Our support brokers work in a very personal and highly structured way directly with the client.  Our support brokers source, negotiate, plan and manage care and support within the overall context of improving their client’s well being. Support brokers work with any size budget, and any source of funding, they support individuals of any age with any  condition who need support and care.

The primary role of a support broker is to help people plan and organise any support they need. Support broker’s do not have the job of rationing resources and do not have the job of providing services; they solely concentrate on placing a client’s needs and best interests at the center of any work they carry out.

Below are some of the things a Support Broker can help with:

  • Review, prepare and/or identify indicative costs of creating and implementing a person centred support plan.
  • Assist to develop a vision of a preferred lifestyle using relevant person centred planning tools
  • Clarify the person’s needs and expectations as part of the care manager’s assessment eligibility criteria under ‘Fair Access to Care’
  • Identify and apply for funding from all government and non-government sources
  • Support ‘Fair Access to Care’ appeals process if required
  • Assist with funding negotiation with commissioners
  • Direct liaison and negotiation with service providers
  • Monitor and evaluate provider services in conjunction with existing monitoring and regulatory frameworks
  • Modify existing provider services or develop new ones
  • Mediate and resolve problems 
  • Finding other services that a client may need, such as housing, equipment, or help with getting a job
  • Finding places and people in the community that may support a client to have a better life

We only recruit, train and accredit people who have either a professional background in the Health and/or Care sector or individuals with personal experience of long-term conditions and have a personal understanding of what client’s may be going through and the support they need to reach their goals, these individuals are known as Peer support brokers.

Our company and services are supported by both the Local Authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Support Brokers aim to deliver a holistic environment and support which allows clients to be as independent as possible, this is made possible through a very personalised and fully costed care and support plan for each client.

Support brokers work directly with those that need support and care and also with their family, carers, advisers, friends and loved ones.

We offer a highly flexible and cost-effective service delivered in person, via phone or email and in response to the needs of our clients, their families, carers and support framework.

We understand that every client’s situation is highly personal and therefore we charge our service in the same way.

We do work closely with Local Authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups and other agencies, which in some cases, pay part or all of our fees.

A client can involve family, friends or others and ask the support broker to speak with them. Other people may be very important in helping the support broker understand the client’s hopes, likes, and dislikes.

The support broker won’t talk to other people without asking a client first and may include information about this in the contract. As part of their role, the support broker may support a client during a meeting or, if the client asks them to meet with others on their behalf as part of their work for them, the support broker will fully inform a client what was discussed.